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Tender meatballs in egg sauce

I think every hostess in her life has made meatballs at least once, but she has cooked. Personally, I used to make meatballs only in tomato sauce. It turns out that in the egg sauce, meatballs are much tastier!


minced pig meat - 1 kilogram;

rice (better round) - 150 grams;

egg - 1 piece;

milk - 150 milliliters;

red onions - 1 item;

dill - small bundle;

parsley - small bundle;

Provencal herbs - 0.5 teaspoon;

olive oil for frying;

salt, ground black pepper to taste.

For sauce:

egg - 1 piece;

lemon (juice and peel) - 0,5 pieces.

Preparation of delicate meatballs in egg sauce.

We prepare the products.

Tender meatballs in egg sauce.

For starters, let's prepare the meatballs proper. To do this, mix the minced meat with rice (it's better to take the rice round - it's more sticky, but if it's not there, then the long-grain one will do. There is no need to wash the rice).

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

Then we will beat in minced meat 1 egg and will add milk. We will mix everything well.

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

Wash the greens, clean the red bulb and cut everything as small as possible. Send the herbs to the minced meat, add the Provencal herbs and spices to taste. Mix everything again, preferably with your hands, so you can feel how the mass has become homogeneous.

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

Now it is necessary to form meat balls from the resulting mass. Try to make the size of the meatballs look like a walnut. Well, or were slightly larger.

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and fry all the meatballs to golden on both sides in several batches. When all the meatballs have been fried, place them in a saucepan and pour 1 liter of hot water. Cover the pot with the lid and stew the meatballs for 1 hour on low heat. About 20 minutes before turning off, take 2 soup ladles from the pot and let it cool down to room temperature (you will need the soup for egg sauce).

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

For preparation of sauce with a whisk we'll beat an egg with juice and a half lemon zest.

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

Then add to the sauce chopped dill and 1 ladle broth. Mix all the remaining broth to meatballs (fire under a pot at this stage can be turned off). When the sauce is homogeneous, add it to the pot with meatballs and several times scroll the pot in a circle in different directions to make it mixed with the rest of the broth, but not curled.

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

Cover the pot with the lid and leave the meatballs for 5 minutes and then serve hot.

Tender meatballs in egg sauce

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