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Homemade cheese rolls with ham

If you want to feed a schoolboy for breakfast, offer him a sandwich with sausage. If you want to make such a breakfast a little more useful, prepare rolls of homemade cheese with ham.


farm fat cottage cheese - 1 kg;

whole farm milk - 1 liter;

chicken eggs - 1 piece;

salt - 1 teaspoon;

soda - ½ teaspoon;

butter (amount of butter depends on milk fat content) - 150-300 grams;

ham - 150-200 grams.

Preparation of homemade cheese rolls with ham.

Pour the milk into a non-enameled container, put the cheese into it. I should say right away that the cheese must be farm cheese, not store cheese - 9% because otherwise, it will not melt in the future.

We start heating milk on low heat, constantly stirring so that the cottage cheese does not stick to the bottom of the pot. As the cottage cheese starts to stretch and the milk is rolled up.

We put the hot cottage cheese in a sieve or gauze and let the serum escape for 20-30 minutes.

Ready dried cottage cheese is placed in a container.

We add salt to it, hammer in the egg.

Thoroughly stirred. To get a homogeneous mass you can work as a blender, I like it when in the home cheese there are small specks of curd.

In a non-enameled container melt about 150 grams of butter, put into it a curd and egg mixture. Heat on low heat, constantly stirring. If the mass begins to stick to the walls of the dishes, add another piece of butter.

When the mixture warms up, add soda - the mixture will begin to actively foam, and then melt. We cool the cheese by stirring it periodically until the dough consistency on the dumplings, for example.

While the cheese cools down, dice the ham.

We "chop" the cheese, which has cooled down to about 50 degrees, according to the principle, as we do with the dough and roll it out on a 0.5 cm high film for products.

Lay out on a cheese layer of ham cubes.

Gently lift the cheese layer with your fingers, thus separating it from the food film. Roll up the cheese on a roll.

Wrap the cheese roll in a food film and place it in the fridge until it cools down completely. By the way, we also keep it in a food film, so that it doesn't wind up.

When the dish is completely cooled, it is ready to use. My children like to eat a couple of slices of dark bread and herbs, I like it with sweet tea, and my husband likes to make a hot sandwich - melt the cheese on bread in the microwave.

By the way, if you want, you can replace the ham with boiled chicken or pork, cook the filling with herbs - it is no less delicious!

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