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Baskets with curd filling


Baskets with curd filling

If any of you, dear masters, do not like to buy desserts in stores, this recipe will play into your hands. It is very presentable, original, and madly delicious. When I saw the description of baskets in an old cookbook, I caught fire with the idea to cook them. And there was no question whether it would work or not. It was a question to learn how to cook them and put them in the piggy bank of your recipes. I recommend you to do it. Baskets with cottage cheese filling will turn out just "lick your fingers"!


Egg white - 1 piece;

powdered sugar for dough - 40 grams + 30 grams for filling;

wheat flour - 20 grams;

room temperature butter - 15 grams;

water - 1 tablespoon;

fat cottage cheese - 150 grams;

vanillin - pinch;

frozen or fresh red currant berries - 150 grams.

Preparation of baskets with curd filling.

Necessary products.

Baskets with cottage cheese filling.

Prepare a mixer to continuously beat all the dough preparation processes. Whisk one chilled protein with the mixer until the bubbles and the foam stand.

Baskets with curd filling

Only then, gradually pour in the powdered sugar and, without stopping, continue beating.

Baskets with curd filling

The protein mass will start to thicken. Pour pieces of flour.

Baskets with curd filling

Cream butter should be well softened under room conditions, so take it out of the fridge in advance. Bring it into the dough and beat it with a mixer.

Baskets with curd filling

At this stage, you need to pour in water to make the dough more liquid.

Baskets with curd filling

Now you can bake baskets. On a baking tray lined with foil or baking paper. Lubricate the surface with vegetable oil. Lay out the baskets as circles with a tablespoon.

Baskets with cottage cheese filling

Smear the dough lightly on the surface. Bake the baskets in the oven at 180° until the edges are flushed.

Baskets with curd filling

It will take no more than 10 minutes. Remove the baskets and immediately place them on the upside-down glasses to get the right shape.

Baskets with curd filling

If they crack a little, no problem. Leave them for a while to cool down. Prepare the stuffing. Wipe the cottage cheese through a sieve.

Baskets with curd filling

and connect with powdered sugar.

Baskets with curd filling

Do not forget about a pinch of vanilla. The filling will come out homogeneous and sweet. Fill the cold baskets with curd filling and decorate with berries. I squeezed the cottage cheese through a pastry syringe and I advise you. Looks very spectacular!

Baskets with curd filling

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