BTVSOLO: Music Production Software

 It works using nothing other than your computer keyboard
(no other gear needed - MIDI controller optional).

 It works on Mac or PC computers.
 It comes LOADED with over 1,000 professionally engineered sounds from the engineers at BKE and from Grammy-winner Dallas Austin.

 It comes LOADED with over 100 professionally made tracks that you get to use in your own songs (yours royalty-free).

 You get over 100 professionally designed drum kits (loads of drums that have been used on hit records by some of the biggest artists in the world).

 You get over 100 premium electronic and acoustic instruments for live chords, riffing, and performances (comes loaded with drums, basses, synthesizers, string ensembles, horns, choirs, effects, and more).

 You get a built-in mixer for adjusting volume, panning, effects, frequency, and more.

 You get an onboard EFFECTS to rack with over 60 effects including phasers, flangers, pitch-shifters, high pass/low pass filters, compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, and more.

 You get advanced sample editing tools for clear waveform editing including auto chop, time stretch, normalize, pitch-shifting, and more!

“You can arrange full songs without the use of any keyboard.
You can just use your computer keyboard.

You don’t need any other keyboards, any other drums,
or any other virtual instruments.

You can sequence here, you’ve got your sound banks here,
you can mix here...everything you need to get started!”

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